Join us for a Wellbeing Webinar featuring three EMAlumni dedicated to fostering supportive workplaces and addressing workplace harassment.

🗣️ Speakers:

  • Alejandra Oriola Almarcha, co-founder of the Brussels-based organisation, Harassment Support Network (HSN). Founded in September 2023, HSN is dedicated to assisting individuals experiencing harassment in the workplace. Offering psycho-social, pre-legal, and career support, HSN operates on the principles of respect, dignity, and equality for all.
  • Mélina Pelé, Certified Integrated Life Coach dedicated to empowering change makers, human rights activists and climate justice advocates in their mission to create positive change in the world.
  • Arianna Conte, a Peace and Development Associate at the United Nations Colombia, who will offer her expertise and perspective on this important topic.

Our speakers will discuss innovative approaches and best practices for cultivating inclusive, supportive work environments where individuals feel valued and respected, examine the dynamics of workplace harassment, identify common challenges, and propose proactive measures to prevent and address such incidents. Additionally, they will share tips from neuroscientific research backed with technique tools to regulate the nervous system (find inner safety) and emotional relief techniques (to mitigate the impact of the trauma).

Register for the webinar here. We look forward to your participation!

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