Join our General Assembly 2024

The General Assembly is your chance to shape the future of the EMAlumni Association! As a supportive member, you’re invited to join our annual democratic forum from 1-16 June 2024 to hear about the Board’s activities, review financial reports, and discuss the association’s goals and direction. Your participation matters – full (supportive) members have the power to vote on major changes affecting our operation and direction, and can vote and be elected to the Board.

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How can I participate?

It’s easy to join us!

  1. Become a supportive member by paying a 20 euro annual contribution
  2. Receive a General Assembly invitation from us
  3. Join us via the link in your invitation and engage in the EMAGora

Who is on the board? What do board members do?

Board members are the driving force behind the association’s management and operations. View the current board members here. They actively participate in discussions, strategise how to achieve our goals, and lead initiatives like webinars, communication campaigns, career days, or fundraising efforts. It’s a two-year voluntary commitment, typically involving monthly virtual meetings for about an hour. The workload is flexible and decided through consensus.

How can I join the board?

All full (supportive members) can run for the Board! If you’re interested, head to the EMAGora forum for detailed instructions. Introduce yourself, share your motivations and ideas for the association, and submit your candidacy by 24 May 2024. Remember, fellow members elect the Board through a vote at the General Assembly.

Curious about previous General Assemblies?

Read more about the General Assembly in article 13 of the statute of the EMAlumni Association.