Paving a path in human rights has never been an easy task; we all know how challenging and stressful it is to pursue a career in this competitive ‘job market’. That’s we created the career day as an excellent opportunity to connect our current EMA Masterini with experienced EMAlumni to receive guidance, insights and professional advice about career opportunities in various fields within human rights. We aim to transform perspectives and different options for E.MA graduates to ease their path and find their place anywhere around the globe.

Every year, we choose a selected number of keynote speakers coming from international cooperation, national, regional, or international institutions; NGOs, academia, private sector, personal branding and consultancy to showcase knowledge, experience, career advice, and insights over a broad range of global career options for Masterini. Besides, students will have the chance to access practical information about how to deal with job hunting, master the art of developing a CV and improve their job interview skills.

The Career Day is hosted annually during the second semester at the Monastery of San Niccolò and/or virtually.

Careers Day 2021