Photo by Daniel Jensen from Unsplash
Photo by Daniel Jensen from Unsplash

Hello everyone!

After some months of work, we’re happy to present you the EMAlumni Association website. With this website, we’ve created a virtual home for EMAlumni to connect to the community, share their work and stories and keep updated with what the organisation is up to.  The website also serves as a space for possible collaborations with interested individuals and organisations.

How does it work?

The website is generally managed by the EMAlumni Board and Secretary General who update it regularly. There is also a forum where EMAlumni can post and interact with one another and with the organisation, including on the Jobs Board. Create your login and get started! 

Any suggestions?

Should you have suggestions, please send them to us! You can do so here for anything regarding the website, our activities and anything else you wish you comment on. 

The EMAlumni website is still a baby, so you’ll be noticing it growing and improving as time passes. So please do bear with us while we develop it further!