Hélène Bauwens, representing the EMAlumni Association, Nuno Oliveira, representing the CES alumni association, Hazem Mizyed, representing and coordinating the GCA, Davina Murden, coordinating and representing the HRDA alumni association (joining online), Mélina Pelé, also representing the EMAlumni Association, Adity Karki, representing the APMA alumni association, and Kai Wangle, representing the ARMA alumni association.

From April 17th to 19th 2024, the Global Campus Alumni (GCA) organised a conference at the Panteion University of Social and Political Sciences in Athens, Greece. This wasn’t just any reunion—it was the first get-together of nearly 50 graduates from the seven different Global Campus regional Master’s programs, all driven by a common purpose: discussing the pressing issues of Climate Justice and the Rights of Future Generations from their regional perspective. 

Over three days, participants engaged in discussions, explored socio-political perspectives, and shared insights on bottom-up initiatives spearheaded by alumni associations across the globe. From the vital role of Civil Society Organisations in the Arab World to advocating for research and advocacy centers in Africa, the breadth of topics covered was immense.

EMA Alumna Penny Papaspyropoulou curated a panel of local Greek experts from academia and NGOs, enriching the dialogue with diverse perspectives.

One standout initiative emerged from the EMAlumni Climate Justice Taskforce—a social media campaign designed as a beginner’s guide to climate justice and the rights of future generations. Comprising four parts with simple definitions and recommended readings, this campaign aims to raise awareness and foster a deeper understanding of these critical issues.

Reflecting on the gathering, participants shared their insights and experiences:

  • Timisha Dadhich highlighted the urgency of reframing discourse on climate justice, emphasizing the need to amplify the voices of children and prioritize immediate action in the face of global climate crises.
  • Lea Frerichs emphasized the power of collective action, noting that while challenges related to the climate crisis may vary by region, the shared cause unites alumni in their commitment to effecting positive change.
  • Nicoletta Fascetti reminisced about the sense of belonging and camaraderie among alumni, likening the gathering to a family reunion centered on human rights and planetary well-being.
  • Therese Boje Mortensen underscored the importance of face-to-face meetings in strengthening bonds among alumni, drawing inspiration from diverse perspectives and strong alumni groups worldwide.

The Athens gathering reaffirmed the shared commitment to addressing the most pressing challenges of our time, transcending geographical boundaries and founding meaningful collaboration within the Global Campus community.

As the world grapples with the consequences of the climate crisis, this initiative offered some hope and inspiration, demonstrating the power of collective action in driving positive change.