Join us for another edition of the Conversations with Alumni online discussion on 2 November at 19:00 CET where we will be discussing journalism, media and human rights.

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With us we will have four EMAlumni who will be sharing their experience in working on human rights through the mediums of journalism and media:

Vladislav Davidzon (EMA, 2013) is the founding editor of The Odessa Review Magazine. Vladislav writes for Foreign Policy Magazine and the Wall Street Journal Op Ed pages. He is the longtime European Culture Critic for Tablet Magazine. He has chronicled the Russian war against Ukraine for the New York Post, New Statesman, Spectator, Haaretz, Unherd, The Bulwark, Tablet, Profil Magazine and the Washington Examiner. A translator of poetry and a prolific literary and art critic, he has also worked as a consultant on multiple television shows dealing with Post-Soviet history and criminality. He is a non Resident Fellow at the Atlantic Council and is author of “From Odessa With Love”.

Iryna Matviyishyn (EMA, 2018) is a journalist, producer, and analyst who has covered human rights and related issues in Ukraine since her graduation. She’s still working from Ukraine even though Russia’s full-scale invasion is ongoing. She has worked for several media, such as UkraineWorld, National Public Radio (US), TIME, BBC, Times Radio, La Stampa, New Eastern Europe, and more recently Kyiv Independent.

David Fischer (EMA, 2020) is the Media Officer for Human Rights Watch in Berlin, where he focuses on bringing HRW’s research from around the world to the press, the public and policy-makers in Germany. He has previously worked for ZDF, Hessischer Rundfunk, and Mainzer Allgemeine Zeitung.

Jakub Popik (EMA, 2016) is a PR Specialist for the Slovak National Centre for Human Rights, where he translates technical texts concerning human rights for general audiences, including through podcasts. Jakub is also a PhD candidate at the Slovak Academy of Sciences where he is researching the social control of people using illegal substances in Slovakia. His main topic of expertise focus on harm reduction/human rights implications of the war on drugs.

Learn more about the conversations with alumni in the video below: