The EMAlumni Association collaborates with the Global Campus of Human Rights’ EMA programme in different ways, to bring the experience of the EMAlumni to the classroom of the current EMA students. While in September we participated in the Careers Day, in October we contributed to the Skills Building Week. A facilitator from the EMAlumni Community was selected following a call for expression of interest. Milica Matijevic (EMA year 2005) was this year’s facilitator for the Skills Building session on Human Rights Impact Assessments.

Some words from Milica on her experience:

At the end of October, I found myself again in the Monastery San Nicolo to share the knowledge and experience I have gained in the last 17 years (yes, that much has passed since I joined the rank of E.MA alumni) with the new masterini. That was the third time I went to Lido to teach after I graduated in 2005, within the scheme organized by the E.MA Alumni Association. For two days, I endeavored to pass what I knew about the human rights impact assessment to the E.MA students, and I was anew astonished at how much of a genuine interest and commitment to learning those young people showed. During many hours I was trying to impart some basics about the fairly complex evaluation technique to twenty young persons of diverse academic and professional backgrounds, and with each hour passing, I was more and more amazed by their capability to ask the right questions and to link different human rights fields. At the end of the second day, during the role-play aimed at bringing the complicated theoretical constructs back to practice, there, in the aula, I think I have witnessed the beginnings of future E.MA alumni generation which will have the prudence and patience to pursue the human rights goals in a more responsible way. And I was thankful for the opportunity to be there with them.

More about Milica’s professional life:

Since July 2007 Milica has been working in Serbia for the Institute of Comparative Law where she is a Research Associate. Her main tasks include: conducting research in the field of international and European human rights law, with the focus on the protection against discrimination for minority groups. She also prepares comparative and best practice analyses of the legislation in the field of human rights protection and gives expert opinion on the legal matters from the domain of human rights and minority rights protection. Additionally, she prepares policy papers for the improvement of the legal framework on the protection of human and minority rights, etc. She is also a Member of the Ethical Committee of the Institute of Comparative Law.

Interested in sharing your knowledge and expertise with the EMA students or the EMAlumni community? There’s plenty of ways you can do that:

  • Apply to be a facilitator for the Careers Day 2023 (September, Venice)
  • Apply to be a facilitator for the Skills Building Session 2023 (October, Venice, topic to be defined)
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  • Join the wellbeing and career webinars as a speaker on topics related to work and wellbeing (Spring 2023)
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