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The EMAlumni Association is a network that brings together alumni of the European Masters in Human Rights and Democratisation with the aim of building a community where alumni learn from each other, connect, and promote human rights across the globe.

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Every EMA graduate is automatically a member of the EMAlumni the moment they graduate from the programme. Once you’re a member, the EMAlumni community is yours!

There are plenty of opportunities to get involved in shaping the community…

Upcoming Opportunities

FEB 28 - Conversations with Alumni

Join us for another Conversation with Alumni with the title “wRIGHTing for Human Rights”. Register here and find out more here!

NOV 2 - CONVERSATIONs with alumni

Join us in a new edition of the Conversations with Alumni online discussions at 19:00 CET. This time we’ll be discussing human rights through journalism and media. Sign up now! Learn more about this activity here


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Can you write for human rights?

Can you write for human rights?

The fight for the protection and promotion of human rights happens in many different ways. One can storm the streets to demonstrate, take active part in policy and advocacy or dive into numerous documents for the creation of standard setting procedures and establishment of...