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Become A Supportive Member

Why become a supportive member?

By becoming a supportive member you contribute to the small budget the EMAlumni Association has to run its wonderful activities and gain voting rights at the yearly General Assembly which gives you a say in the way the Association is run – as well as the possibility to candidate yourself for the Board elections and vote in them!


How can you become a supportive member?

You can support the EMAlumni association by becoming a supportive member with an annual subscription of 20 Euros. 


Submit your donation in the account below

Account Name: EMAlumni Association Vzw
IBAN code: BE13746031611439
Bank Name: KBC


Activate a recurring payment option in



FAQs about membership 

Who is considered a supportive member?

All EMA alumni (meaning after graduation from the Master) are automatically members of the association. However, if you pay your membership fee, you will be considered a Supportive Member.


What can supportive members do?

As a supportive member you can run for and be elected to the Board. You can also have a say on who gets elected by voting in the annual General Assembly. During the General Assembly you have a saying in some of the decisions of the Association, like the update of the Statute. This is also where you can express your opinion and suggest ideas for the EMAlumni Association.


How does one become a supportive member?

In order to become a supportive member you have to make an annual contribution of 20 EUR or more.


How is my contribution used?

EMAlumni Association receives most of its funding from the Global Campus, which allows us to pay the salary of our wonderful Secretary General (who officially works only 2 days per week), a small amount for our office in Brussels and for most of our projects (Career Day, EMalumni Award etc). All the Alumni, including the nine board members, that participate in our projects do it on a volunteer basis. Your contribution allows us to have more stability as an Association and a source of unrestricted funding which can not only be used for urgent matters but for organizing more network-strengthening activities.

So, the more contributions, the more projects!

By the way, if you would like to lead or help us run a project for our community, drop your idea in the idea box!  


What happens if I do not pay my contribution for one or more years?

In order to be a supportive member, you need to pay the annual contribution of 20 euros. If you do not, you are not considered a supportive member.

But, no worries! You can always pay and go back to being one!


How do I pay my contribution?

There are three different ways and you can choose the one that works best for you and your circumstances.

Important! State your name and graduation year in order to know where to allocate the membership to. (You can write us other messages as well!)

    1. Bank Transfer

Account Name: EMAlumni Association Vzw

IBAN code: BE13746031611439
Bank Name: KBC

Address: KBC Brussels Marnix / Havenlaan 2 / 1080 Brussels /Belgium

    1. Paypal, click here

*Paypal charges us a 1.23 EUR fee to make transfers using their service, so you should send 21.23 EUR (or more).

    1. Transferwise

Transferwise is a secure and safe online service to transfer money abroad easily and quickly with low-cost money transfers. Make sure you send your contribution to the bank account aforementioned.

I keep forgetting to pay my annual contribution, is there an option to make it recurring?

We hear you! With Paypal and the Bank Transfer there is the option of making an annual recurring deposit to the EMAlumni Association so you keep being a supportive member.


I still have more questions. Where should I send an email?

Please send it to info@emalumni.org. Our Secretary General will respond to any questions you might have.


How else can you help?

  • Apply to be a facilitator for the annual Career Day
  • Be active on our Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)
  • Subscribe to our Newsletter and send us your updates to be included in the next issue